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About StudioHop:

StudioHop is a tool for boutique studios to fill empty spots in their classrooms, introduce new customers to their business through discovery and marketing with the goal of attracting quality loyal repeat visitors. StudioHop’s unique payout structure is fair and actually encourages consistent usage—not banking on the disuse of its service. StudioHop was created as a way to incorporate multiple activities into a workout routine, not a discounted way to work out, and our prices reflect that.

If you own a fitness studio and you're striving to expand your reach and fill your classes, then we want to hear from you! It's a win-win for both of us and here's why:

Benefits of being a StudioHop partner:

✔️increase exposure + reach to a highly targeted group of fitness & wellness demographic in your area

✔️more visits to your studio

✔️fill empty spots in your classrooms

✔️supplementary income

✔️earn good money on spots that are currently earning you $0

✔️marketing through website, mobile app, social + website

✔️control inventory based on your needs (class spots)

✔️it’s free for you, so let’s do this

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